FAQs - Frequently asked questions

We solve the most frequent doubts:

What size do I choose?

The products fit normal. You can choose your usual size.

In the images of each of the products you have a corresponding table with measurements and size guide.

In Spain, how much does shipping cost?
Shipping is free for orders equal to or greater than €48. For smaller orders shipping costs €5.

In Spain, how much do returns cost?

Returns are free in Spain for size changes only.

What is the deadline for exchanges or returns?

The period is 30 days from receipt of the order.

How would changes or returns be made?

We make it very easy for you. We have partnered with Rever to manage returns, to make it a quick and simple process. You will only have to access the following link and follow the steps:


Do you ship outside of Spain?

Yes, The Anti-Brand is an international brand and we want you to be able to receive your order wherever you are. If you have any questions, contact us .

What are the shipping and return rates for other countries?

Depends on the country. You can see that detailed information in the following link .

What do you recommend for the care of garments?

Take care of your clothes, take care of the planet.

-It is recommended to wash clothes at 30ºC.

-You should not mix white clothes with colored clothes.

-If you can, use programs for delicate garments and avoid using the dryer.

-Avoid the use of bleaches and similar products.

In which social networks can we find you?


- Tiktok


- Youtube

- Linkedin

 What does The Anti-Brand do in terms of sustainability?

We work hard every day to improve sustainability. At the moment we carry out the following actions:

-Carbon negativization. We neutralize twice as many carbon emissions as we generate.

-100% organic and recycled raw materials. They include the GOTS certificate.

-We plant a tree for every order you place.

We will continue to improve...

You can learn more at the following link .

 Is The Anti-Brand a transparent brand?

Yes, we tell you everything. You can find out how much it costs us to manufacture each product. You have all the information in the last image within each of the products .

You can also see the complete report prepared by D-Cycle on sustainability, emissions reduction and compensation. You will know the impact that our activity has, how we negate our company's emissions and the water and CO2 savings that our garments have, compared to normal garments. All the information in the following report .

 What makes organic raw materials different from conventional ones in a garment?

In addition to an increase in the quality and durability of the garments, the organic raw materials used in our products have a much lower impact on the environment: almost 98% less water use and about 35% less emissions of CO2 compared to other garments.

You can see it in detail within each of the products .