The ANTI-Friday: +50% MÁS CARO, por una buena causa: la limpieza de los océanos

The ANTI-Friday: +50% MORE EXPENSIVE, for a good cause: cleaning the oceans

Today, Friday, November 24 ("Black Friday for some), one of the busiest days of the year, we have preferred (once again) to go against the grain.

And no, there will NOT be discounts . Because? Because we are committed to fair prices all year round, because we are against Fast Fashion and because we do not want to be part of consumerism or support impulsive purchases. We prefer to invite you to buy only what you need . We prefer to remind you not to buy it if you don't need it. Less is more . Less clothes, more quality.

For all these reasons, we have chosen to launch The ANTI-FRIDAY by The Anti-Brand:

Today, the 24th, you will find everything on our website 50% MORE EXPENSIVE (you read correctly: WE RAISE PRICES for a good cause) ✌️

Because? To donate 100% to an NGO whose mission is cleaning the oceans.

How will we do it?

Today, 24.11, we have raised all prices by 50%. You donate 50% of the RRP, we take care of the other 50%.

Together we donate 100% (the total RRP of the garment) for the oceans 🌊

We want to have an impact, but make it positive 🌍

We want to leave a footprint, but not a carbon footprint ♻️


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