What is THE ANTI-BRAND? Get to know the project better


Welcome! First of all, thank you very much for coming here and interested in the brand. We are Jesús and Jaime, friends before partners. Next, we will show you everything about this project, with the maximum sincerity and transparency possible. We hope you like it.


We have the privilege of being able to enjoy and explore this exciting planet, a place where we can enjoy nature and incredible places, but we must not forget that the planet is our home and that there is only one: this one. Therefore, we should also have the obligation to protect it so that we can continue discovering it for a long time. Together we must act to change the fashion industry and fight to change the destructive trend in which we live today.


Since the birth of the brand, from the first garment we have produced, we can proudly say that The Anti-Brand is carbon negative.

We have partnered with D-Cycle to be able to measure and reduce the impact of our activity as much as possible. Once reduced, the emissions generated by our garments are not only neutralized, but double those emitted are offset, so it has a positive impact on the environment. The negativization is carried out by investing in sustainability projects carried out by the United Nations (UN).

You can see all the information about the impact and compensation for emissions in the following link .


All our t-shirts are made of organic cotton. All our sweatshirts and hoodies are made from 100% organic cotton and recycled polyester.

These materials not only improve the quality and durability of the garments, but also mean that their manufacturing is much more environmentally responsible, as it saves much more water than a traditional garment. You can learn more about the differences in the following report .


We are very committed to our planet and therefore, we are aware that we must take care of it: we must be part of the solution and not the problem.

We have committed to donating 10% of our annual profits to a non-profit organization dedicated to cleaning up the oceans.

Its goal is to clean 90% of the plastic waste floating in our oceans.

With the benefits of 2022, we have already made our first donation. You can see it at the following link .

Our purpose to make this planet a better place and protect it is firm and therefore, in 2023 we will donate said percentage of profit again.


Give your closet a second one, donate the clothes you no longer wear and get a discount at The Anti-Brand (10% on sweatshirts and 20% on other products). The profits obtained from the sale of these items through Micolet will be donated to cleaning the oceans.

How to do it? Through this link you can see all the requirements and the steps to take.


With these measures, we guarantee the circularity of garments, an essential aspect of sustainability, and we continue to take steps in our mission to improve the fashion industry.


We want to contribute our grain of sand. And granite by granite, together, we will achieve something great. Join the conscious fashion revolution.

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting on the planet. Brands therefore have the obligation to act consciously, putting the planet first in every decision we make. We must always be attentive to listen, improve and correct any errors we make, always for the benefit of the planet.


We are committed to a more conscious, more sustainable and much more transparent model. We want to slow down and escape from the usual practices of the fashion industry. We want to fight against “fast fashion” and act at all times seeking the best for the planet, moving away from consumerism and betting on more rational purchases, with quality products and brands that add value to society.


All our garments will be sent in eco-sustainable packaging, made with organic materials and being 100% portable and biodegradable.

Furthermore, for every purchase you make through the website, we will plant a tree in your name: thus contributing to reforestation, an essential aspect in the fight against climate change. This reforestation is very important to capture CO2 from the atmosphere. With the more than 200 trees we have planted, more than 7 tons of CO2 have already been captured. We show you all the details in the following link .

Finally, along with each order, you will receive a little surprise.


We want to be honest and transparent with you. Therefore, we will publish everything behind what you see, so that you have all the information available at your fingertips and can decide in a conscious and rational way.

To demonstrate this transparency, we make public all the costs and margins of each of the garments. You can discover it in each of the product sheets (in the last photo of each item).

We do not do sales or promotional campaigns. We are committed to setting a fair price all year round.


Currently, we entrust the production of our garments to a small workshop located in La Rioja. The familiar treatment and proximity to our location in Logroño, as well as the good work in the printing processes, makes this collaboration perfect to start our activity.

Regarding the origin of the products, we can highlight that their completion (printing) is carried out in Spain (La Rioja specifically). The garment comes from a textile manufacturer that produces it in Bangladesh, complying with the highest standards of sustainability and transparency, as marked by the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate, which guarantees the use of organic and sustainable raw materials, and respect , the care and improvement of working conditions throughout the entire value chain and manufacturing process: from the extraction of raw materials to the production of the finished product.

These certificates are fine, however, our short-term objective is to go further and be able to carry out direct manufacturing in local workshops (Spain or Portugal) and therefore, further reduce the carbon footprint of transportation, as well as have a greater control over production.


In short, The Anti-Brand is a project that was born from love and enthusiasm. It arises from the dream of two young people from La Rioja who want to do things in a different way, to go against the current. It arises from the nonconformity of remaining immobile in the face of the climatic situation we are experiencing.


We bet on garments suitable for everyone and timeless. Quality garments for everyday life and to last over time, regardless of labels or genres and without falling into the temptation of temporality and constant new collections that incite consumerism as is usually done in the " fast fashion". Less is more.


Both when developing the “naming” and the logo, we have taken into account the philosophy and values ​​already mentioned. The logo is made up of a circle, which represents the conventional fashion industry. This circle is cut by an X, which represents the total break with the bad practices of the sector, betting on a different model. The brand name is also inspired by this concept.

If this philosophy fits you, join the change!