Resumen 2023 THE ANTI-BRAND - ¡Seguimos creciendo gracias a ti!

Summary 2023 THE ANTI-BRAND - We continue to grow thanks to you!

Hello family! 🌿

How are you? How has 2023 ended? What do you expect for 2024? 🎉

Incredible how time flies when you are doing what you like and have a purpose... For us, 2023 has been a year full of learning, joys and achievements (and a lot of effort) for us, and we want to share it with you, since you are fundamental part of this adventure. 🚀

🥳 One year of history: Yes, last October we celebrated our first year of history! Thank you very much for supporting us during all this time. But, this has only just begun. This is just the beginning of something big... We will continue to learn, improve and work harder than ever to continue advancing to achieve our goal: a better world. This is but the beginning

🌱 Creating with love: Sustainability continues to beat at the heart of our garments. We continue to use organic cotton and recycled polyester to create durable garments with a positive impact on the environment. And the goal is to constantly improve to be as respectful as possible with our environment.

🌎 Carbon negative: One more year, we don't just want to be carbon neutral, we want to be negative! We continue working for the planet and that is why we continue to reduce our footprint and have a positive impact in every step we take.

🤝 Donating for the oceans: This year we have taken another step! We have reached an agreement with an NGO to clean the oceans and therefore, 10% of our annual profits will be allocated to this beautiful cause.

♻️ Circularity: This year we have begun to collaborate with Micolet to promote the circularity of garments. Now, you can give a second life to the clothes you don't use and contribute to cleaning the oceans, since we will also donate the profits.

🌳 Our forest grows thanks to you: Every order you make means planting a new tree. Thanks to your orders, our forest continues to grow.

🔍 Total transparency: We want you to know everything about this project. From how our garments are made to our costs. Increasingly, we seek maximum transparency.

🥳 New collections and collaborations: This year we have launched new collections and we have had very nice collaborations. More news is coming, stay tuned...

Ultimately, at The Anti-Brand we want to create something great, beyond fashion. We are building a brand that contributes to making our planet a better place. Can you come with us? ✌️

Thank you very much for your support this year! It gives us strength to continue fighting. Go for 2024! 💪

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